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E3D Archimedes' Nuts and Bolts *

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E3D Archimedes' Nuts and Bolts *

* - - - Puzzle Starter (Pure beginners from 7 to 77 yrs)
* * - - Puzzle Fun (Enthusiast beginners from 12 to 77 yrs)
* * * - Puzzle Player (For all puzzle lovers)
* * * * Puzzle Expert (Specialists only!)

Nuts and bolts of mechanics from the fourth century B.C.
It is considered by some that the screw thread was invented
around 400 BC by Archytas of Tarentum (428 BC - 350 BC).
Archimedes, however, developed the screw principle and used
it to construct devices to raise water. The Romans already
applied the Archimedean screw for mine drainage. Archimedes’
understanding of mechanical devices such as the lever, pulley
and screw, laid the foundation for the science of mechanics.
Show us you know your nuts and bolts of mechanics and
free the Washer from this Nut and Bolt.
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