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E3D Archimedes' Galaxy **

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E3D Archimedes' Galaxy **

* - - - Puzzle Starter (Pure beginners from 7 to 77 yrs)
* * - - Puzzle Fun (Enthusiast beginners from 12 to 77 yrs)
* * * - Puzzle Player (For all puzzle lovers)
* * * * Puzzle Expert (Specialists only!)

3D presentation of Milky Way galaxy dates back to
third century B.C. The word galaxy is derived from the
Greek galaxias, literally “milky”, a reference to the Milky Way.
Galaxies contain varying numbers of planets, star systems, star
clusters and types of interstellar clouds. Archimedes, known
for important discoveries in astronomy, constructed a bronze
planetarium in which the earth and heavenly bodies all moved
in their orbits when a crank was turned. Unfortunately for
Archimedes there are probably more than 170 billion galaxies in
the observable universe.
Can you help him to study to this one?
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